One of the very important production part of your company is internal logistics. We are introducing our traction batteries TAB which have been satisfying the most demanding users for more than three decades.

Batteries are known by their:
- high capacity
- long life-time
- resistance to vibrations
low consumption of distilled water
simple maintenance
short charging times

We assemble individual cells (2V) into batteries with different voltages, capacities and dimensions which suite to all types of electrical vehicles. Wide production program covers the range of DIN (PzS) and BS (PzB) cells according to EN60254 - 1,2 and IEC 254 ñ 1,2.
Traction batteries TAB of type PzS and PzB are appropriated for propulsion of different electrical vehicles (forklifts, mine locomotives, traction and transportation vehicles).
Execution of cells and batteries

We produce cells and batteries in:
- welded version
- screw (bolted) version

Both versions are being manufactured as:

- Dry-charged: a battery/cell have to be filled up
- with an electrolyte and supplementary charged
- before use. The plates are already formed
- and in special process protected against
- oxidation. They can be stored up to two years.

- Electrolyte-charged: a battery/cell can be
- installed immediately, because it is already
- filled up with electrolyte and electrically
- charged as well.
We highly recommend the use of additional systems:
central water filling system which enables
- a quick and precise service of the whole battery
- under any working conditions

- electrolyte mixing system which allows
- an electric vehicle to be in operation
- for two shifts or for 16 hours without changing
- a battery. Yet, the battery with a 100%
- daily charge (maximum charging current
- is 2,5 * I5) can not be damaged during this time.

The advantages of this system are:
reduction of the charging factor from 1,20 to 1,05
- reduction of the charging energy by app. 15%
- reduction of the charging time for 3 hours
- due to the charging method IuIa
- lower working temperature
- reduction of water consumption by 75%
Let us lead you into the world of everlasting energy and introduce you with OPzS and OGi stationary blocks and OPzS cells produced in the conventional lead-acid technology.

The batteries are distinguished for:
- high capacity
- long life time
- reduced maintenance
- low self-discharging
- quick and simple acid level control
- economical water consumption
- appropriate dimensions and weight
- the lowest and constant maintenance current
The individual cells (2V) and blocks (6V and 12V) are in translucent plastic containers made of styrenacrylnitril (SAN), a material which is extraordinary resistant to chemical influences and mechanical damage.
The stationary batteries of the type OPzS and OGi are manufactured according to the DIN 40736, EN 60896 and IEC 896-1 regulations.

Stationary batteries of the OPzS and OGi type are intended for the supply of telecommunication facilities, computers, emergency lightning, alarm, control and monitoring systems in power plants and distribution stations, at railway stations, airports etc. Due to their extremely low self-discharging they are suitable for plants supplied by solar cells.
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